SYSTRA is a recognised world leader in mobility and mass transit; the core of our work develops sustainable transport solutions and encourages people to use them.

We enable mobility, through our work to develop safe and sustainable transport solutions and encourage people to use them.  By so doing we seek to strengthen communities, increase social inclusion, foster economic prosperity and support environmental improvement.  In addition to carrying out projects that benefit the environment and society in general, SYSTRA Ltd is committed to behaving responsibly in all areas of our operations. We understand that we must take responsibility for our own impact on the environment and that our own growth must be sustainable.

SYSTRA’s global CSR targets focus on our impact on society and the planet, respect for people, and putting ethical practices at the core of our business. Our CSR commitments are made by the SYSTRA Executive Board and they provide the foundation of SYSTRA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

We use this ethos in our own operations, from the siting of our offices in locations highly accessible by public transport to our policies to reduce the environmental impact of our work, including through our procurement processes and business travel decisions.

SYSTRA Ltd is certified to ISO 14001 which ensures regular monitoring and conformity to international standards in this area.