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Continuing our preview of the UK’s largest transport conference, the Transport Practitioners Meeting in Nottingham, Jon Williams will be presenting his research into the sufficiency of the public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Jon is a graduate transport planner in the Reading office, and one of a number of SYSTRA’s young professionals showcasing their talent at this year’s conference.

As part of SYSTRA’s team at this year’s Transport Practitioners Meeting in Nottingham, Martin Parretti will be presenting an introduction to his ground breaking work on the analysis of pedestrian networks. Martin joined SYSTRA in August of 2016, after more than 10 years working as development lead at 

…Rather the Scottish Transport Applications Research (STAR) Conference which took place on 24th May and, in its thirteenth year, is now a well-established annual event for the diary of transport professionals across Scotland as well as further afield.

SYSTRA have developed an 800m long, £1.2M road improvement scheme that benefits traffic, buses, cyclists and pedestrians in north Greenwich. Plumstead Road is a major link to cater for east-west movements in the northern half of the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

It is estimated that there are approximately 160,000 bridges in the UK, 90,000 of which are owned and maintained by Central or Local Government and the remainder belonging to Network Rail, the Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and Sustrans.

In the summer of 2016 I received my A level results after two years of Sixth Form at Ravens Wood School in Bromley. I was then left with the difficult decision of what to do next.

Whilst the private sector is often the driving force behind public transport and public realm investments such as Crossrail, the Northern Line extension and Granary Square, cycle infrastructure is still treated with scepticism by developers, who try to avoid building it, as they do not see any added value. Public support for cycling has also been mixed, with vociferous supporters and opponents.

The article below was first published in the 10 May edition of Rail Magazine

In spring 2014, SYSTRA undertook a programme on behalf of Dundee City Council to deliver in-class workshop sessions to all Primary 5 (P5) and P5 composite classes across the city’s 35 primary schools.

SYSTRA is one of a team of three consultants (with Cenex and Next Green Car) that is currently developing tools to assess how much electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be needed to deliver Britain’s climate change goals. 

MaaS Appeal: The Business Case for Mobility Services

Andrew Pickford, Director of Infrastructure and Transport Advisory Services, MVA Hong Kong Ltd and Martin Higgitt, Market Director Sustainable Travel and Transport, SYSTRA Ltd

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