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Whilst the private sector is often the driving force behind public transport and public realm investments such as Crossrail, the Northern Line extension and Granary Square, cycle infrastructure is still treated with scepticism by developers, who try to avoid building it, as they do not see any added value. Public support for cycling has also been mixed, with vociferous supporters and opponents.

The article below was first published in the 10 May edition of Rail Magazine

In spring 2014, SYSTRA undertook a programme on behalf of Dundee City Council to deliver in-class workshop sessions to all Primary 5 (P5) and P5 composite classes across the city’s 35 primary schools.

SYSTRA is one of a team of three consultants (with Cenex and Next Green Car) that is currently developing tools to assess how much electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be needed to deliver Britain’s climate change goals. 

MaaS Appeal: The Business Case for Mobility Services

Andrew Pickford, Director of Infrastructure and Transport Advisory Services, MVA Hong Kong Ltd and Martin Higgitt, Market Director Sustainable Travel and Transport, SYSTRA Ltd

The Department for Transport launched its first national cycling and walking strategy last Friday. Importantly it sets national targets and presents a programme of funding and technical support available to those delivering changes on the ground.

Currently, for a traditional tramway, the driving concept is the drive-on-sight operational procedure. The driver is responsible for controlling and adapting the tram’s speed in line with wayside signals and the limitations of the surrounding environment to ensure safe tram separation from other trams, vehicles and pedestrians.

A Peer Review on Fares Reform by Fitsum Teklu, Associate Director, SYSTRA.  A version of this article was first published in the April edition of Rail Review magazine.

The Reading Borough Council (RBC) Draft Local Plan was passed at the Strategic, Environment, Planning and Transport Committee on Tuesday 4th April 2017. It will now enter a six week consultation period, following which a revised Draft Local Plan will be submitted later in 2017, with the aim of the document being formally adopting in 2018.

“You survived MIPIM” is all I have heard since returning from MIPIM2017, the world’s leading property market event held annually in Cannes, France.  As a first time attendee this statement captures the trepidation which I had on the run up to the event: what is SYSTRA Limited and what am I personally seeking to get from the event? and, with regard to survival, will I have the stamina to cope with the legendary gruelling round of meetings, events and parties?

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