The Challenge

Catering for over 3,500 residential units as well as office space and a mixed-use town centre, the Cherrywood SDZ will generate a significant number of trips by all modes of transport and will have a wide ranging impact on the surrounding transport network.  It is, therefore, of critical importance to understand how access to and from, and within the SDZ area will be catered for in the future as the area develops in tandem with the provision of transport infrastructure. 


To understand the transport impact of the Cherrywood SDZ, SYSTRA were required to provide advice at both the strategic and local transport level. Utilising the National Transport Authority’s East Regional Model (ERM), a Transport Assessment Framework was undertaken to understand the transport impact of the Cherrywood SDZ, its multi-modal infrastructural needs and phasing requirements.

Outputs that were assessed from the ERM included trip origin / destination analyses by mode, by journey purpose and by time of day. The ERM also provided information on mode share by trip purpose and was used to test the impact of changes to the strategic transport network for walking, cycling, public transport and road.

Using best practice design guidance, we then developed a process for assessing the quality of the network design through identifying Levels of Service (LoS) for each transport mode. The demand on the network for each mode was then compared to the LoS achieved to ensure adequate provision was afforded for each transport mode.

In addition, the ERM was also used to support the development of a more detailed Local Area Model, which was used to assess the impacts of a range of road development scenarios.