The Challenge

The decision by Central Government to devolve funding for local major transport schemes to Local Transport Bodies and for schemes to support Strategic Economic PlansĀ  to Local Enterprise Partnerships has meant that elected members and other stakeholders have been required to embark on complex decision making processes to identify their priorities for local transport investments. To assist them there has been a need to develop strongly evidenced based, sound and transparent decision making processes.


SYSTRA has provided independent advice and assistance in the review of transport investment proposals for LEPs, Local Transport Bodies and Combined Authorities across the country including e North East of England, the Humber, South East Midlands and Swindon & Wiltshire. We successfully developed or adapted prioritisation methodologies for identifying the transport investments working with constituent local authorities and the respective Local Enterprise Partnership and assisting in finalising the list of priorities for submission to government. SYSTRA continues to undertake the assurance role for several of these bodies providing independent scrutiny of transport investment business cases and the funding approvals process.