Our Expertise

We have been at the forefront of high speed rail engineering for over 30 years.  We have planned, designed, overseen the construction and tested close to half of the world’s HSR lines.

We continue to play our part in defining European standards governing high speed rail.

Our understanding and experience of high-speed operation means that we factor in maintenance and operation from the start of the design phase.  We are continually developing new concepts for high-speed, such as short-span bridges adapted for trains that can travel at speeds of up to 350-400 km/hour.

SYSTRA is committed to developing the future of high speed rail to make it more affordable and faster to build, with infrastructure that is robust and easier to maintain.

We undertake appraisal and engineering feasibility of high speed rail schemes throughout the world.  We prepare robust patronage forecasts and have produced the successful business case for new routes and line extensions as well as new and expanded stations.