Our Expertise

New technologies and service models offer the opportunity to transform the way in which sustainable transport services are provided. The prize is cities where multi-modal citizens embrace a portfolio of modes – bus, tram, train, bike, bike share, car club, car share, taxi – in a way that satisfies their travel needs and other personal objectives conveniently, effortlessly, reliably and economically.

These smart mobility solutions address many of the traditional transport problems that we transport planners grapple with. Congestion is reduced, public health and air quality improves. And the finances for public transport, car clubs, bike share etc. improve as they become the mode of choice.

SYSTRA helps our clients harness these emerging technologies and models to support their objectives, from road mapping to advice on the development of an overarching smart mobility strategy, through to data analysis and visualisation, development of specific service offers such as shared transport and behaviour change programmes to get individuals using these new services.