Our Expertise

The UK is unique in its arrangements for operating public transport.  The franchising of our railways and operation of our bus services can be confusing and controversial subjects.  The majority of trains are run by train operating companies that belong to one of nine ‘owning groups’.  For the running of tendered local bus services, potential operators must demonstrate their ability (and flexibility) to local authorities through a formal process.

We make it our business to keep up to date with Central and Local Government policies and processes.  We have advised the majority of rail owning groups on rail franchise bids and regularly work with bus operators to develop their services or support proposals. Our experts advise on the best ways to marry passenger satisfaction with profitability during the contract period.  

It’s not just public transport; we offer advice on toll roads, road user and parking charges.  We work with the Scottish and Welsh Governments, transport agencies including Transport for the North, Transport for London, Highways England, Port Authorities and Airports.  

We can be found advising scheme lenders such as banks on their return of investment, as well as ongoing financial support.